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Jan 18, 2013 1:00am EST
people, including betsy andreu who joins us. her husband frankie was a former teammate. they and armstrong were close until they testified in a lawsuit alleging armstrong used performance-enhancing drugs. she's been watching the interview in our green room and does not want to miss a minute of it. with me is daniel coyle along with tyler hamilton of "secret race" inside the hidden world of the tour de france, doping, cover-ups and winning at all coasts. also bill strickland and senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. first blush, what do you think? >> it's the most painful, successful therapy session in television. it's riveting. >> have you ever seen armstrong so uncomfortable, so nervous? >> he looks like he's strapped to the seat of a plane that's crashing. he's not giving it up. occasionally there are flashes where it seems like he's genuinely self-reflecting. a lot more pauses and hair splitting, as she said. >> do you think he's telling the truth, the full truth? >> no, i don't. clearly at parts -- in our book we recorded very clearly that armstrong was the kingpin there. he m
Jan 18, 2013 11:00am EST
specifically point to one person named betsy andreu, she's the wife of cyclist frankie andreu, armstrong dropped frankie as a teammate after betsy accused lance of doping in 1996. here's how it happened. she says that she and her husband were present in a hospital bed -- in a hospital room when lance is in a hospital bed and had to answer some tough questions to the doctors about his health. when the doctors asked have you been taking any drugs, any performance enhancing drugs, she says that lance listed a litany of them, and that she gave that testimony under oath when she was asked. she just said she was honest and for that honesty, she and her husband were attacked and that their lives were changed forever and then as i said already, per husband dumped from the team. betsy had a chance to respond to the oprah interview and she did so by speaking directly to camera via anderson cooper's "a.c. 360" program last night. you got to see it. >> you owed it to me, lance, and you dropped the ball, after what you've done to me, what you've done to my family, and you couldn't own up t
Jan 17, 2013 11:00pm EST
. you had a chance to talk to betsy andreu, the wife of one of the cyclists. one of the amazing moments was when he talked about when she had said, look, i overheard him saying that he used all of these different things. and he tried to make a joke about how, yes, i called her a bitch and nasty, but i never called her fat. what did she say to you about her reaction to the interview? >> she feels it was a huge disappointment. she feels lance is not telling the truth. and that the fact that in that interview with oprah winfrey, she point blank asked if betsy andreu had told the truth. if lance armstrong if that hospital room back in 1995 or whenever it was, told doctors about all the drugs he was using, and he refused to answer the question twice to oprah. and for betsy, that was a huge issue. and a huge disappointment that this was an opportunity for him to come clean, to actually tell the truth. and she feels he certainly failed. and i think everyone on our panel feels the same way. >> it was interesting. in so many of the moments that we saw, i mean, whether people obviously don't -- p
Jan 18, 2013 11:00am PST
betsy andreu, among the people armstrong admitted he trampled on to defend his own lie. she is the wife of frankie andreu, armstrong's ex-friend, former teammate on the postal team. she testified in this lawsuit deposition about this 1996 hospital room visit in which she says she heard armstrong admit to this doctor to taking five performance-enhancing drugs. oprah winfrey asked him about this and here is what he told her. >> was betsy telling the truth about the indiana hospital? overhearing you in 1996? >> i'm not going to take that on and i'm laying down on that one. >> was betsy lying? >> i'm just not -- i'm going to lay that one down. she asked me and i asked her not to talk about the details of the call, it was a confidential, personal conversation. >> well, you know did talk to betsy andreu, anderson cooper, minutes after she watched that exchange with oprah. >> betsy, just, first of all, your impressions on what you heard tonight. >> i'm really disappointed. he owed it to me, you owed it to me, lance, and you dropped the ball after what you've done to me, what you've done to my
Jan 18, 2013 9:00am EST
. betsy andreu, the wife of former teammate frankie andreu who testified she heard armstrong admit to doping. for years armstrong buried her in insults calling her crazy and burying her husband's career. armstrong said he couldn't talk about much of that conversation. >> i think she'd be okay with me saying this, but i'll take the liberty of saying and say, listen, i called you crazy, i kald you a bitch and i called you all these things, but i never talked you fat. >> talking about digging the hole deeper. well, lance, betsy andreu is definitely not okay with that. >> this is a guy who used to be my friend who decimated he. he could have come clean. he owed it to me. he owes it to the sport that he destroyed. >> but it's not just about the sport armstrong may have destroyed, it's about the lives he destroyed through years of bullying and legal retaliation, the victims, often friends and teammates, left with careers and reputations ruined. and bank accounts depleted. "talk back" for you today, what did you take away from the armstrong interview?,
Jan 19, 2013 4:00am EST
. joining me now, the people who know lance armstrong like few others do, betsy andreu whose husband rode with lance. daniel coyle, author of the book "the secret race." also bill strickland an editor-at-large at "bicycling" magazine, and senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. betsy, your thoughts, you didn't actually watch the second part of the interview, but now on the totality of what he has said, your thoughts tonight? >> yeah. i didn't. i couldn't watch the interview tonight not because i didn't want to, i taped it, i will watch it. i have been asked a lot, and for me it's a sense of relief more than vindication, but it's a tremendous sense of sadness. yesterday i was obviously visibly upset, and today it's -- as you said, it's a sense of sadness. >> sadness about what? >> it, how it has affected so many people in such a destructive way. that's why. i mean, it hurts -- obviously it has a toll on lance. so many people in the saga have been hurt. i don't know if you touched upon greg for example. his children, people who just defended him to the ninth or the tenth, whatever you say
Jan 19, 2013 1:00am PST
. >> gone. >> gone. and probably never coming back. >> panel betsy andreu, author daniel coyle, jeffrey toobin. his fortune has been estimated -- do you think it's fair to say lance armstrong would not be lance armstrong if it were not for his doping? if he had not doped, he wouldn't have that money -- i mean -- oprah -- we wouldn't be sitting here talking about him because he wouldn't have achieved the things, the fame, the endorsements all of that had he not doped. betsy? >> but that's all stolen money. i'm jumping up and down here saying are you kidding me? you lost $75 million? boo hoo hoo hoo. i am -- he's not getting it. what about greg lemond's bike company? that was completely destroyed. it doesn't make sense. what about scott mercy not having a career. christof not having a career. other guys not doing what he wanted them to do not having a career. you can't put a price tag on opportunity lost. we're not talking about millions of dollars. we're talking about people who want to make a living so they can pay a mortgage and save some money after. >> and all the people who were nev
Jan 18, 2013 6:30pm EST
came to the human part, metering people like betsy andreu for refusing to lie, and sabotaging her husband's cycling career, many saw a lack of compassion that seemed bizarre at best. here's how he described his apology to andreu. >> i said, listen, i called you crazy, i called you a [ bleep ]. i called you these things. but i never called you fat. >> reporter: are you satisfied by anything you heard? >> no, i'm not. i'm really disappointed. here i am, i don't know if i'm stupid. willing to give him a second chance. but i think he blew it. >> reporter: tonight armstrong's lawyers will be considering that too whether his words might come back to haunt him in court. >> we're joined now by neal karlinsky who has covered this story for so long. what are his teammates saying? >> we've heard from two former teammates. to be fair, they still have a lot of questions for lance armstrong. but they consider the fact that he's made an admission and some apologies, a huge first step. because this is a guy who does not admit mistakes or apologize easily. >> so they've never heard him apologize b
Jan 18, 2013 7:00am EST
, we'll continue the conversation with niccole cook and betsy andreu. and this weekend, we'll break down the case against lance armstrong, 10:00 eastern. a closer look at the constant doping chatter. the world according to lance armstrong, right here on cnn. saturday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. >>> other news, john berman with a look at that. >> thank you so much. i can't get the lance armstrong thing out of my head. >>> big news overseas. the hostage crisis in al jaera, entered its third day, and british, norwegian, japanese, believed to be among those held by militants in algeria. bp confirm some of their employees unaccounted for. british officials said there were a significant number of british victims. david cameron spoke out this morning about the crisis. here are some what he said. >> algerian prime minister later last night told me that the first operation was complete. but this is a large and complex site and they are pursuing terrorists and hor aijss in other areas of site. algerian prime minister told him they are looking at all possible routes to resolve the crisis. >> leon
Jan 15, 2013 5:00pm PST
renewed after the 2000 season. then there was this, a voicemail left for betsy andreu by a friend and associate of armstrong. >> i hope somebody breaks a baseball bat over your head but i also hope that one day you will have adversity in your life and you have some type of tragedy. it's pathetic, betsy. i thought you were a better person than that. >> betsy andreu provided the voicemail to the new york daily new news as evidence of the threats and intimidation she says they suffered. then there's greg lamand, the only american to win the most grueling race before armstrong went on his string of seven straight wins. the relationship between the two men was anything but close, especially after lamande questioned armstrong's association with a controversial italian doctor named mikali ferrari. he says armstrong was clearly upset at l machlt a. who does greg think he is, talking about ferrari? i'm going to take him down. and he did. armstrong had great influence with the bike sponsored trekk which dropped its support of lamond's brand, damaging his bike business. he also intimidated his c
Jan 18, 2013 6:00am PST
asked him if betsy andreu, the wife of armstrong's former teammate frankie andreu, was telling the truth when she said that in 1996, she overheard him telling a doctor treating him for cancer that he was doping. he also limited to being a bully. >> armstrong has been stripped of his tour de france titles and the olympic medal that he won in 2000. he is also facing numerous lawsuits. saith the second part of the interview with oprah winfrey airs tonight. >> still ahead on kron4 morning news. attention and frequent fliers, a major airline lays out new rules for passengers with high- flying status. >> new information from the boeing and this morning about its plans for its 787. what engineers are working on right now. >> we will also have issues with boeing and how it affected wall street today. we are looking at a pre market mover ahead of opening bell. that is all still ahead on kron 4 morning news. [ womanom ] thi tis mis this iss my tey i feelfe more orinspirsp. . more preositivit [ male alennouncou ] o ]y liyn on adds fre fsh-pre-ped ted les to its itnew grw t tat ing inen drink
Jan 15, 2013 5:30pm PST
trashed anyone who accused him. former friend betsy andreu says she was in the hospital room when, during his fight against cancer, armstrong admitted performance enhancing drug use to his doctors. when she refused to lie about it, she says he lashed out, putting the brakes on her husband's career in cycling. >> it's bittersweet. there's been a lot of damage done to us, but at least the first step has been taken. >> reporter: those who know lance armstrong best say pictures of his face during competition tell you everything. ferocious and focused. someone who planned meticulously and executes based on his own instinct. and that hasn't changed. lance armstrong may admit using drugs, but he also still sees himself as the champion. confession or not to oprah, officials are not satisfied. and lance armstrong still faces a lifetime ban. diane? >> a lifetime ban. so, what would it take to change that, neal? >> reporter: well, officials tell abc news that he is now in talks with them about coming forward, fully, confessing fully to officials, possibly testifying against others and if he
Jan 18, 2013 5:00am EST
ago betsy andreu and her then fiance, while armstrong was fighting cancer, said they heard armstrong rattle off to his doctor a host of drugs including human growth hormone. >> did you deny what betsy andreu said in the hospital is a lie? >> yes. >> and betsy says that it ruined her brother's cycling career for telling the truth -- i think it was her fiance's cycling career. this is a guy who lied for years, cheated for years, attacked for years, and last night in one 90-minute interview, he says, yeah, i lied, i cheated, i'm really sorry. so surreal. felt like outer space to me. >> didn't feel like he was flip. i feel like he repeatedly admitted what he did was wrong. i didn't have that sense of him being flip ant aboant about it. he said i'm not sure this is an acceptable answer, but that's like saying we have air in our tires, or we have to have water in our bottles. when he was asked specifically about the doping. again, the whole culture this is what we do. and in order to succeed, in order to be able to win this is what we have to do. and so i thought it was very matter of fact
Jan 26, 2013 4:00am EST
. joining me is juliet macur and betsy andreu. travis is telling scott on "60 minutes" that lance armstrong lied to oprah winfrey about his 2009-2010 attempt at the tour de france. armstrong said he used a little bit of epo previously. travis tygart says that is absolutely not true. also lance armstrong claimed he didn't offer usada a $250,000 donation amid lingering questions about whether he was doping or not. and that he didn't pressure teammates to dope their blood. travis says all of that is not true. that he did pressure teammates, that a lieutenant of his did offer a donation that he was doping 2009, 2010. and that he pressured teammates. what's your reaction to what travis tygart has said? >> well, i think that, remember, in the interview with oprah, lance said if he could go back to june when usada reached out to him, he said he would do anything to have that day back and accept his offer. so despite trying to bankrupt usada and destroy them, they've graciously given lance another opportunity to have that day back. and if lance is truly sorry, he is going to be truthful,
Jan 18, 2013 5:00pm PST
smacking. thank you that only makes you look worse. but the interesting thing that betsy andreu said, lance was the main impediment to cyclists ever organizing an union. cyclists tried to organize an union. he was the one who said have made it happen and he was the person who stopped it from happening. if you want to stop doping, then you have to make courses safer. that's why people dope. the courses were death marchs. lance armstrong stood against that while making sure he had the best dope so he could win seven tour de frances. it gets so disgusting that it's hard not to feel as angry as ms. andreu sounded in that clip. >> john: and it seems to cast some doubt on armstrong's claim that he's sorry. >> your come back was also a tipping point. do you regret coming back. >> i do. i wouldn't be sitting here if i hadn't come back. >> you would have gotten away with it? >> it's impossible to say. much better chances. but i didn't. >> john: dave, i have to imagine that considering the amount of slander lawsuits that are going to be coming at him and defamation of character lawsuit he must
Jan 9, 2013 7:00pm PST
will he talk about people like betsy andreu and her husband who he tried to crush because he dared to say he was doping. i really don't think oprah will get into that during the interview. >> betsy, i heard you laughing as well and i know you have similar doubts. my question is how detailed will oprah get in her questions. if you read the reports, the details are so damning and i'd be curious to hear any answers he has to any of the allegations. betsy, do you think this is going to be a cake walk for him? >> i presume it will be. and i base that on the interview that oprah did with marion jones where she did not know the sport well enough, she didn't know the doping that went in track and field in order to ask the tough questions and the follow-up questions. and as well in april of 2011, oprah welcomed and embraced lance on to her program when lance was under a federal criminal investigation and never asked him about it. she embraced him all the time. and if oprah did, he was on her show a number of times and if oprah did ask the question, i think she just took him at face value, desp
Jan 15, 2013 10:00pm PST
pathetic, betsy. i thought you were a better person than that. >> betsy andreu provided the voicemail to the "new york daily news" as evidence of the threats and intimidation she says they suffered. and then there's greg lemond, the only american to win the world's most grueling race before armstrong went on his string of seven straight wins. the relationship between the two men was anything but close, especially after lemond questioned armstrong's association with a controversial italian doctor named michaeli ferrari. frankie andreu said armstrong was clearly upset at lemond's comments and in an affidavit andreu said, "i recall lance saying words to the effect of who does greg think he is talking about ferrari? i'm going to take him down." and he did. armstrong had great influence with the bike sponsor trek, which dropped its support of the lemond brand, damaging lemond's bike business. armstrong also intimidated his critics and rivals during competition. in the 2004 tour de france armstrong comfortably held the race's overall lead but surprised everyone when he chased down felipo simio
Jan 18, 2013 7:00am EST
career of lance armstrong. >>> now, to betsy andreu, his husband was lance armstrong's teammate and close friend. the couple was part of his intimate circle, until he says they turned on him. betsy, good morning. you said you were furious watching that interview. what was it you expected to hear? >> i want to give credit to lance because what he did, admitting that he was a fraud and a cheat, all those years, is a huge, big step. he took the first step. but he -- it all started with his hospital room, where he admitted using performance-enhancing drugs. and he wouldn't step up to the plate where it all happened. this is where it all started. i was really disappointed personally that he didn't admit to that. >> he admitted ruining the lives of many people who told the truth about his doping. but when he was asked point-blank, if you told the truth when you testified under oath, that lance had told his cancer doctors in that hospital room, that he used performance-enhancing drugs, he refused. he said, i'm going to lay down on that one. it sounds like he was saying, she didn't tell the
Jan 17, 2013 7:00am PST
have already decided. >> i think we all owe cancer an apology. >> reporter: frankie andreu was once armstrong's friend and closest teammate. this morning, he's the first one speaking out. >> he's been lying for years. he's lied to presidents. he's lied to larry king. >> reporter: andreu and his wife, betsy, saw their reputations attacked by armstrong, when they refused to lie under oath. >> i got ripped apart from the livestrong supporters. >> reporter: armstrong's sudden leap of faith is loaded with risks. he's outlasted a statute of limitations for criminal perjury charges for lying under oath. but at least three major civil suits are in the works. meaning a small army of lawyers will be dissecting everything he says. sources tell abc news that if armstrong's interview matches what he's told people close to him, you can expect a confession that includes the argument that everyone does it, and not just in cycling, but the nfl and elsewhere. we will see tonight and we'll see what people think. >> i don't know. that didn't work with my parents. and it doesn't work with my kids. >> an
Jan 18, 2013 12:35am EST
time coming. i think it's steph. >> reporter: frankie andreu was his best friend and teammate until he and his wife testified they heard him admit he took drugs. armstrong went on the attack, accusing frankie and betsy of lying. >> she said in her deposition she hates me. >> reporter: why would he say the same thing if you don't? >> probably to support his wife. >> reporter: after that, frankie went from friend to pariah almost overnight. >> i'd go to events and i didn't know who my friend was, who my foe was, who would shake my hand, who would spit at me in disgust. i got e-mails, traitor, rat, just ripped apart. it was also from the live strong supporters. >> reporter: they weren't alone. fellow teammates floyd landis and tyler hamilton and former tour winner greg lamond all spoke up and all were smeared as jealous liars trying to profit, cover their own troubles, or both. but landis wouldn't be denied, speaking with investigators, and eventually launching the investigation that brought armstrong down. he talked about it in a "nightline" exclusive in 2010. >> if i'm taking on lanc
Jan 16, 2013 6:00pm PST
strong reactions. >> it's a long time coming. >> suarez: frankie andreu was once close to armstrong, as a team captain of the u.s. postal service cycling team from 1998 to 2000. but andreu was ostracized after he and his fiancee-- now-wife-- betsy, testified in 2005 that armstrong acknowledged using performance-enhancing drugs. >> for my wife and i, we've been attacked and ripped apart by lance and all of his people and all his supporters, repeatedly, for a long time. i just wish they wouldn't have been so blind and opened up their eyes earlier to all the signs that indicated there was deception there, so that we wouldn't have had to suffer as much. and it's not only us, i mean he's ruined a lot of people's lives. >> suarez: regulators from the official bodies that police cycling are also speaking out. the head of the world anti- doping agency-- david howman-- has demanded armstrong make his confession under oath. he told the associated press, "he's got to follow a certain course. that is not talking to a talk show host." armstrong vehemently denied doping for more than a decade, in
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 53 (some duplicates have been removed)